There are songs that can easily catch the attention of people because of some of their features or characters. There are those who are easy to sing as the lyrics are just being repeated. There are songs that are good for dancing. Each of them has their own way so that they could be attractive or easily appreciated. You also have your own favorite song or songs that even if you sing them again and again, you still like it. Let’s also see the most liked songs.

These come from the social media network Youtube. As there is the option to like songs and they are recorded, they now resulted in this list. You can find that some of this songs are the one that has stuck in your head. When they play it you automatically sing with it without realizing that you already have memorized them. It is amazing to know that even after some years you can still remember those lyrics even if you had not sung or listened to them for some time.

Songs have their own beat that makes them liked by people. The social media now is also powerful to promote them as they could be uploaded there and anyone could just download them. There are sites that offer them for free and others you have to pay. The best things are that the joy and excitement you feel while you remember and go through the songs that you like and had them as favorites being on the list.