I grew up admiring music as we have a radio before and we use to listen to it every time we have a chance. As there are other programs that are entertaining so the radio was our companion. Radio is more flexible as we can bring it anywhere but the television should be in the house. That is why we prefer radio than TV before. We can sleep while the radio is on as we like to listen to music and our mother would turn it off for us.

But due to the influence of my childhood ways of upbringing and what is played on the radio, I came to like country songs. Not the rock type though but most of all I like them. This genre is my first exposure to the music industry. I listened to local songs produced in our place but most of the time, I listen from the radio to listen to country songs and other foreign songs. But as they also play other genres of songs, my exposure widened.

I can listen to Air Supply or other bands that have the best songs for me that I appreciate. I do not like the metallic one or the rock song. Thankfully, now you can have the freedom to choose what genre you will hear and you can put them on your phone and be private files for you to listen anytime you want. Especially with the internet that you can just search a song and then listen to it.