How do we have to write a worship song? For some, it is easier to write a secular song than a worship song. There are so many reasons why some song writers write a worship song but let’s say how to write a worship song.

1. You should know the Bible.

In other words, you should at least be a Christian. Writing worship song should come from the basis of the Bible. How can you write a worship song without knowing God?

2. A song is a poem.

A song is a poem intended for singing. This means that it is not simply writing your experience or Biblical realizations there because you have to write in a poetic manner.

3. Use beautiful and enchanting words.

This makes a worship song even catchy. This song may even become more beautiful if you center on God whom you’re writing for.

4. Finalize your poem.

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5. Create melody.

This is the toughest part. Actually, it is not easy to create melody for a song because you deal with notes every syllable. You should be able to create one and just as you do revisions in lyrics, you might do more revisions in melody.

This is the most amazing part because you learn to play with notes.

5. The melody should be for Worship.

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