There are the musicians’ and singers that have been labeled as the greatest of their time. There are also the songs that have those label of the greatest. They are considered as great as they have a strong impact and influence on the lives of people who listen to the music and adore the musicians who have a great talent and made the decision to make the music alive and is powerful. There are many musicians and songs that we can think of but we cannot mention them all.

There are those who have been in the industry a long time ago and have already passed so other people do not know them. This present time also, many are becoming known in the music industry. But there is something in the past that is different from today and as there are those who were born years ago that enjoys those kinds of music, they would not be forgotten. Most of the music genres that have been enjoyed before are still present at this time.

There are those who were modified and resulted in a genre more appreciated by people in this generation. If we will start writing names now and just conclude it due to limitations then many would surely also comment why their favorite singer is not on the list. So let us do it like this, whoever you admire and that has a contribution into the music industry and have also touched your heart due to his or her music then he or she is on the list. Congratulations!