For me, these songs touches my soul every time I sing them and I listen to them. These songs are also sang over the world.

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is a song that touches the heart of listeners. Who have said that this song is a song for the dead? No way! Actually, the author of this song is one of the most appreciated author of Christian songs because of this. Come to think of it, this song has touched the hearts of all the human heart.

Walking in Sunlight all of My Journey

It might be a good guide for you to sing this every time you are in trouble. If you are bold enough, you can sing this in front of so many people. Confidence is needed.

The Bright Heavenly Way

This is a song made by Swallen and Scott. This gives you goose bumps when you listen to this because your soul will really be refreshed. As you sing this, you remember God, the Creator helping you. Find a way to make your travel be the best. With this agency, you can apply for your visa easily 台胞證 申請. Let you have the best service in travel with this company’s help.

There is a Fountain Filled with Blood

This Christian song by Cowper is one of the most famous songs and is sang to this very day. I hope this song will give hope to mankind to seek the Almighty God.

When the Trumpet of our God Shall Sound

Mr. Black created this song with all his heart having hope for resurrection. It is a very nice song for all mankind to have a hope.

Rock of Ages Cleft for Me

This song is also good to revive your injured soul.