Public Finances Boosted By Housing Recovery

The Treasury’s coffers improved last month as stronger economic growth and the housing market recovery helped boost tax revenues. Читать далее

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Messi wins Golden Boot

Barcelona striker Lionel Messi was presented with his third Golden Boot award on Wednesday after finishing with the most league goals in Europe last season. Читать далее

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From Mercedes-Benz, video-game dreams rendered rea

As a follow-up its Frankfurt motor show-stealing Concept S-Class Coupé, the German automaker presented something decidedly more outlandish – and arresting – at the Los Angeles show on 20 November Читать далее

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Google Doodle Celebrates ‘Human Calculator’

If you’re wondering why the Google homepage has a calculator-like image today, it’s to honor Shakuntala Devi, the so-called human calculator. Читать далее

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Sell Royal Mail, Urges Bank That Led Deal

One of the investment banks that led the £3.3bn privatisation of Royal Mail told clients to sell the postal operator’s shares on Wednesday, arguing that the company was now over-valued. Читать далее

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Making fire from water

A portable device that makes fire from water has been developed within a European research project. It doesn’t use flammable gases, it produces its own fuel as needed. Читать далее

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Google Employees Lash out at NSA over Cable Tapping Reports

SAN FRANCISCO — A pair of Google Inc employees involved with the internet company’s security systems have publicly lashed out at the National Security Agency, with one of the employees accusing the organization of subverting the law by intercepting communications on cables linking Google’s various data centers. Читать далее

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Chris Brown Back In Rehab After Rock Attack

Chris Brown has been ordered to spend three months in rehab after it was revealed he threw a rock through his mother’s car window. Читать далее

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Phone apps reach out to women in need

New Delhi is often tagged the “rape capital of India” due to the high number of sex crimes committed in the area. Many women have now turned to technology to try to stay safe, using apps and GPS tracking systems to add an extra layer of security while moving around the city. Читать далее

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Apple Reveals Government Data Requests

Apple has released the number of information requests it has received from governments around the world, a first for the tech giant, which follows in the footsteps of Google, Facebook and Microsoft in releasing similar information. Читать далее

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