This is a very popular film that was also played on the stage. When it was made into a movie adaptation, more people have been able to watch it. Even after many years after it was released, people still appreciate it. At this time, the characters have already grown and they even have their sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters. But it does not change the appeal of the film. It is a film having a true story portrayal that touched the heart of many.

It is very nice to watch together with your family and many have proven it. At this time, people dance the one that is in the film. The sound also has been produced many times. People also have gained an inspiration from the film and they developed passion from it. They can make dresses that are inspired by the movie or other accessories and memorabilia from the film. There are many people who remember the film and they have their favorite scene. Others still watch the movie today.

They want to reminisce again the joy they had when they watched the movie. Now there are interviews that are continually done from time to time on Julie Andrews who acted as Maria ad the other characters who have grown already and have their own family already. They now can have their reunions as the cast of the show. Others are not acting anymore and they are doing business or other employment. But they do share the memories of the film.